Volume 36

Katie Burgess (Editor), Arthur McMaster (Poetry), Adrienne Burris (Fiction), E. Wilson Young (Creative Nonfiction), Sally Cannon (Sarah Jane Hagy Intern).
Selection Committee:
Jennifer Schomburg Kanke, Heather Mills
Advisory Committee: Jerry Salley, Nancy Dew Taylor, Sue Lile Inman, Carol Young Gallagher, Carolyn Hagy

Cover Image, “Christian”, by Antonio Modesto Milian (Anthony) ©2019

Cover and Book Design by Heather Mills


”A Tale of Two Paintings”/Cartherine C. Con
”Sugar Snap Peas”/Emerson Henry
“Relapse”/Mehdi M. Kashani
{Sue Lile Inman Fiction Award Winner}
”Mule”/Wendy King
”Enough Thinking”/David P. Langlinais
”Downer”/Matt Tompkins
”Here There Is No Rainbow”/Greg Walklin
”Silent Spaces”/Tara Isabel Zambrano


“Funeral Speech”/Derek Berry
{Emrys Press Poetry Prize Winner}
”For a Brazilian Girl I Knew in My Twenties”/Kendra Clark
”Emily as She Disusses Her Own Body in Great Detail”/Darren C. Demaree
”Night Work”/Keith Dunlap
”Patio Goodbye”/Mark Gordon
”Hotel Art”/George Guida
”I Can’t Write the Poem About How We Met”/Jessica Jacobs
”A Sea of Glass”/Erin Jamieson
”A Holy Analogy: For a Woman’s Body”/Khadjiah Johnson
”Experiment”/Len Krisak
”Serenade for Larkin”/Steve Lambert
{Nancy Dew Taylor Poetry Winner}
”Magnolia”/Han-Jae Lee
”A Letter to the Straight Girl in My English Class”/Davis Mathis
”On a Stranger’s Journey, Twelve Years Later”/Libby Maxey
”Further Reading”/Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah
”The Essential Quality of Being in the Present”/Beth Paulson
”Silver”/Diana Pinckney
”E Plurbis Unum”/Sujash Purna
”I Would”/Sue Renault, AKA The Swamp Rabbit Trail Poet
”With Soft Eyes She Learned to See the Curvatures of Spacetime in the Omnipresent Grid of Hope and Then Cry Accordingly”/Stephanie Roberts
”I’m Recounting All the Ways She Has Healed My Breath Back Into Me”/Skyler Rutowski
”The Map Will Not Re-fold”/Brook Sadler
”The TIme-Traveler”/Elizabeth Spires
”Fort Sumter”/Mikey Swanberg
”Recognition”/John Sibley Williams
”My First Christmas Alone”/Marne Wilson


“A Life Spent Weighting”/Anna Davis Able
”Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?”/Terry Barr
”The Shop”/Harkamal Singh Gill
”Bil Roh, Bil Dem, Nifdeek Ya Falastine”/Thaer Husien
”Passing the Tiles”/Samantha Mann
”Something Almost Magical”/Toni Palombi
”Under the Bed”/Tatiana Schlote-Bonne
”Still a Nigger”/Stanley C. Trent
{Linda Julian Creative Nonfiction Award Winner}


“Finding Your Poet Best Friend: A Conversation with Elizabeth Spires”, Arthur McMaster