Operations and Communications Manager, Jaime Keegstra


Jaime Keegstra has been involved in the arts, in one way or another, all her life. She studied music through college, has worked in technical theater and is a card carrying Equity Stage Manager. Jaime has always been a lover of all literature and especially enjoys speculative fiction and fantasy. She earned her Bachelor's at Kalamazoo College and a Master in Arts Administration at Winthrop University.

Emrys Journal Editor, Katie Burgess

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Journal editor Katie Burgess holds a PhD in fiction from Florida State University. Her flash fiction chapbook, Wind on the Moon, is now available as a free download from Sundress Publications. More of her writing can be found at katieburgess.fun. She has enjoyed the Emrys literary community ever since attending an open mic night as a Greenville Fine Arts Center student [redacted] years ago.