Red Pencil Roundtable Workshop

We all know about rewriting and self-editing, but how much do we actually do that? And how much do we actually know about the hard art of revision — especially if don't do it as much as we must. (And who does?)

This course reacquaints us with the power and, yes, joy of the red pencil, the awesome satisfaction writers get when they polish — and polish and polish — to create the very best work possible. Painters and performers don't often get that chance to edit. Writers do. So let's!

John Jeter Bio

Local legend John Jeter is the author of three books, a musical and a play — and has worked as a copy editor and assistant city editor at two major metropolitan daily newspapers. He writes for various magazines and marketing companies and is currently a contract stringer for The New York Times.

John earned his master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. He teaches at Converse College and is proud to report one of his students just got her first byline in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal!

Oh, and … John appeared, once, on the Oprah Show.