Volume 35

Staff: Katie Burgess (Editor), Arthur McMaster (Poetry), Adrienne Burris (Fiction), E. Wilson Young (Creative Nonfiction), Maddie Allums (Sarah Jane Hagy Intern). Selection Committee: Jennifer Schomburg Kanke, Heather Mills. Advisory Committee: Jerry Salley, Nancy Dew Taylor, Sue Lile Inman, Carol Young Gallagher, Carolyn Hagy


King Karate / Tim Conrad
{Sue Lile Inman Fiction Award Winner}
Heel / Caroline Callahan
Rules for Regifting / Phillip Gardner
Love in Sahwoklee / Steve Lambert
All Fools Day / Robert Pope


 Manikins for Dummies / Gilbert Allen
{Nancy Dew Taylor Poetry Award Winner}
Naked Mary / Devon Balwit
Protocol / Jane Blanchard
One Body Too Many / Ace Boggess
Joke / John F. Buckly
Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals / D.G. Gets
(Emrys Press Poetry Contest Winner)
The Comedy Writers Fill in the Gaps / Jonathan Greenhause
What Can Brown Do For You? / Cooper Haskew
Submission / Gloria Heffernan
Dear Edward Bulwer-Lytton / Robert Hill
Prayer for My Demise / Ann Humphries
Fiction Workshop / Rebecca Lehmann
Gray Fox / Kurt Luchs
The New Sangria / Kurt Luchs
Writing Lessons From the Male Public Restroom / Barry W. North
Imagining Her Old / Meg Pokrass
New Life / Betsy Rupp
I Don't Like Harmonicas in My Food / Matthew J. Spireng
To All the Boys Who've Loved Me / Marne Wilson
Discussing Customs / Natalie Young
An Accurate Representation / Josephine You


Do-Si-Dos and Do-Si Don'ts / Elaine Best
{Linda Julian Creative Nonfiction Award Winner}
Death and the Mirth of the Mumbai Phonewallah / Gladys Haunton
Inheritance / Karen Luke Jackson
Shoebox Confessions / Susan Vespoli