Volume 33


Los Gigantes / Josie Turner
{Sue Lile Inman Fiction Award Winner}
You Don't Seem Happy Enough / Stephanie Austin
Boat Eater / Donna-Claire Chesman
Alluxes / Ben Leib
Getting Places Safely / Robert Joe Stout
Chickadees / Steve Young
Jeffery / Jim Naremore


 Survivor / Joanne M. Clarkson
{Nancy Dew Taylor Poetry Award Winner}
The Lord of Misrule Contemplates a Field of Butterflies / Gaylord Brewer
Pain Has No Future But Itself/ Hannah Craig
Dickinsonbird / John Eells
Galatea, To Go / Becky Gould Gibson
If Love Exists / Sarah Hughes
Mary Makes a Face / Jack Kristiansen
The World After Levine / Al Maginnes
Duets / Joanna White


A Place Called Place: for Martin / Chila Woychik
{Linda Julian Creative Nonfiction Award Winner}
Exuviae / Nicole Byrne
Dark Corner Commute / Jill Ann Coyle
Terminal Velocity / Althea Fann
Rust on the Hillsides / Robert F. Sommer