Getting Technical:  How to Use Poetic Form In Your Favor

Have some poems that just don’t … work?  Want to refresh some pieces that have been in the “to-do” pile for far too long?

This workshop will look at traditional poetic forms. We will examine various forms in regard to their strengths and weaknesses. Poets will then rewrite their poems engaging with form and receive feedback during workshop. 

Sarah Cooper Bio

Sarah Cooper is a South Carolina native and earned her undergraduate degree in English from Clemson University in 2007.  She then ventured to graduate school at Purdue University (MA, 2010) and finally to Converse College (MFA, 2014) where she was mentored by Denise Duhamel and Richard Tillinghast.

Recently her poems have been appeared in numerous literary journals including Shot Glass Journal, Night Owl, Wild Age Press, Cahaba Literary Review and Sling Magazine.

Sarah teaches at Clemson University in the English Department.