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Call for Manuscripts: May 15, 2019 through July 30, 2019

The winning volume will be published in December 2019 by Emrys Press.

Learn more and submit your entry here: Emrys Press Chapbook Prize.

About Emrys Press

Now in its 15th year of publishing bright, original, and sometimes edgy fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry, Emrys Press held its third poetry chapbook competition in 2018. From almost three hundred entries, Stilt House, by Jacob Boyd from Chicago, Illinois, was selected winner by Heather McHugh. The poems are exceptional and the book design beautiful, with a stunning cover art – Watchtower  by Amy Casey, image courtesy of Zg Gallery, Chicago.  Special thanks to the Metropolitan Arts Council in Greenville SC, for their support on this project. Copies are available at $14.00 at www.emrys.org.

Please follow us on Facebook and other social media, in magazines and journals, and watch for new opportunities to publish with us.  If you are a writer looking for a home, think of Emrys Press.  In addition to the Emrys Press annual poetry chapbook contest, with submissions accepted May 15 – July 30, the Emrys Journal takes submissions of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction each year from August to November 1st.  You can find many worthy older publications in the Emrys Press BOOKSTORE

Previous Years’ Winners:

2018 - Jacob Boyd, Stilt House

2017 - Mary B. Moore, Amanda and the Man Soul

2016 - Sarah Stickney, Portico