2019 Emrys Journal, Volume 36

"Christian" by Antonio Modesto Milian
"Christian" by Antonio Modesto Milian

2019 Emrys Journal, Volume 36


From the Editor’s Note:

“This issue of Emrys Journal is haunted…These pages are full of unfinished business. In Catherine Con’s “A Tale of Two Paintings,” a sister longs for the bother er parents were forced to abandon. In “funeral speech” by Derek Berry, the speaker grapples with how to sum up the life of a man who may no have been a good man. Terry Barr learns disturbing secrets from his mother’s past in “Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?”…
What follows are stores, poems, and essays that just won’t let go of things. And they won’t let go of you, either.

-Katie Burgess

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Anna Davis Able
Terry Barr
Derek Berry{Emrys Press Poetry Prize Winner}
Kendra Clark
Cartherine C. Con
Darren C. Demaree
Keith Dunlap
Harkamal Singh Gill
Mark Gordon
George Guida
Emerson Henry
Thaer Husien
Jessica Jacobs
Erin Jamieson
Khadjiah Johnson
Mehdi M. Kashani {Sue Lile Inman Fiction Award Winner}
Wendy King
Len Krisak
Steve Lambert {Nancy Dew Taylor Poetry Winner}
David P. Langlinais
Han-Jae Lee
Samantha Mann
Davis Mathis
Libby Maxey
Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah
Toni Palombi
Beth Paulson
Diana Pinckney
Sujash Purna
Sue Renault, AKA The Swamp Rabbit Trail Poet
Stephanie Roberts
Skyler Rutowski
Brook Sadler
Tatiana Schlote-Bonne
Elizabeth Spires
Mikey Swanberg
Matt Tompkins
Stanley C. Trent {Linda Julian Creative Nonfiction Award Winner}
Greg Walklin
John Sibley Williams
Marne Wilson
Tara Isabel Zambrano

Cover Art by Antonio Modesto Milian (Anthony)