Congratulations to Word Up Winners!

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A longtime supporter of Read Up, Emrys partnered with them this year to sponsor a writing contest called Word Up for students aged 10 – 18. We were very pleased to get close to a hundred submissions, a nice response to a first-time contest that was announced just a couple months before the deadline. We are very happy to announce this year’s finalists. 



Ngmenviel Kuuseg,  -1st Place, "The Amulet" 

Hailey Horton - Runner Up, "The Story of Blue"

Harper Bright - Runner Up, "Forgotten" 

Honorable Mention: Shaun Latta, "Sol Survivor" 


Maggie Austin - 1st Place, "Wings and" 

Srestha Samaddar - Runner Up, "The Moon's Bread" 

Destiny Smith - Runner Up, "The Fall of the Empire" 

Parker Burgio - Runner Up, "Breaking Free"

Honorable Mention: Graham Lewis, "The Walls" 


Callum Carr -1st Place, "A Life" 

Andrea Huber - Runner Up, "July 2004, Age Nineteen" 


Watch for news of next year’s contest!