Join Us for Emrys’ first Bad Poetry Reading Room event, where high literature meets the Gong Show!

Mon., March 25, 7-8:30 p.m. at the Velo Fellow, 1 Augusta St., #126, Greenville, SC 29601 (Suggested $10 door donation)

How It Works

  • You must sign up in advance to read a bad poem. (We’ll take the first 20 people who sign up, 15 readers and five alternates.) Sign up to read here.

  • Bad poems can be your original work or a cringe-worthy bad poem by another author. Remember, the more wretched the better!

  • Make sure you check in at the registration desk by 6:45 p.m. on the day of the event. If you haven’t checked in by then, your place will be given to one of the alternate readers.

  • Each reader is allotted four minutes to read their poem, so make sure your poem will fit into the allotted time. (If you’re a finalist, you’ll be asked to read your bad poem before the judges a second time.)

  • Three judges, accomplished writers and poets, will rate the awfulness of your poems. The five worst poems will be read again in the final round, and will be ranked by audience applause. The readers of the three worst poems will go home with prizes of dubious quality.

  • Bring your friends and fans to support you during your reading! The judges will give considerable weight to the enthusiasm of the audience for your bad poem.

  • Does it cost anything to attend/read? No, but we do suggest a door donation of $10. (Cash, check and credit cards accepted.)

  • If you’re an audience member, don’t be afraid to cheer, yell and make noise for your favorite bad poem. That’s part of the fun.


Join Us Mon., Mar. 25 for our Inaugural Bad Poetry Reading Room Event.

There is a suggested $10 door donation.